Events & Press
Wynton Marsalis at 10 Grand
On Monday, May 1, the world-renowned trumpeter and composer Wynton Marsalis joined four-time Emmy award-winner Randy Cohen at RWM HQ for a live broadcast of PERSON PLACE THING.
The Thermenregion in TRINK Magazine
Bernhard Stadlmann is one of nine Thermenregion producers who have opted to join the ÖTW. His family estate in Traiskirchen has roots that reach back to the Napoleonic era, when the French recognized Stadlmann wines for their excellence. His familiarity with Burgundy stems from his days as an enology student there. But the most important lesson he took from that experience is: “In wine regions that are rich in tradition, you learn how strong the traditions of your own region are.” The Thermenregion might not seem so sexy at first glance, he says, but the conditions it offers should be alluring to young growers. 
Neal Rosenthal in The WSJ
"Mr. Rosenthal was a pioneer in Piedmont, and many of his original producers remain in his portfolio today. He recalled the early years in the region: “There were very few people out there. And a lot of producers weren’t bottling their own wines.” It was possible to drop in unannounced. (Lunch was usually offered.) 'Now you need to make appointments,' he said."
Rosenthal’s Swiss Growers in Vogue
In Vogue's most recent article "Why Fall Is the Perfect Time to Visit Zürich—And Discover the World of Swiss Wine" by Maggie Harrison of Antica Terra, she profiles some of her favorite Swiss growers, including two of Rosenthal Wine Merchant's very own, Sandrine Caloz of Cave Caloz and Fabienne Cottagnoud of Cave des Tilleuls.