Max Cohen

CBMA Tax Specialist

As a child prodigy Max has always been thinking out-of-the-box. After tumultuous teen years and a hectic college life he has gotten back to a level that somewhat fits our society. This has made Max the unique personality that he has become later in life.  Max moved out of his lifelong home Brooklyn to move to Tampa, Florida to open a Xerox agency; over the next 3 years he orchestrated a deal to make his company the largest in the entire state. After 5 years in Florida, Max was pulled back to Brooklyn suffering from the inner turmoil of not living in the greatest place in the world and decided to sell the company.

Upon his glorious return Max decided to get in and learn the business side of the wine industry.  He has become an expert in all “back of the house” operations. Digging in to all aspects of compliance, logistics, accounting, vendor relations and all the glamour that comes with the industry. Max has managed to find someone to marry him and has 2 children, Alex and Juliette and was trapped with them in a 1 bedroom for the pandemic and man was it fun!

Max textured background of grapevines