Our Staff

Office Team

From our waterfront homebase on the 22nd floor of 10 Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, our office team keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes. The complexities of shipping, registering, allocating, and invoicing wines from over 150 growers in 45 states are truly formidable and would not be possible without our skilled and dedicated team.

Sales Team

Rosenthal Wine Merchant’s salespeople set a standard for the industry in their professionalism, knowledge, passion, and dedication. Each member of our sales team spends several weeks per year visiting our growers in Europe, allowing them to fully convey the spirit of each place. Many of our sales representatives have devoted over twenty years to helping RWM’s wines find appreciative audiences in their respective markets.

Warehouse Team

Our stellar warehouse team is the true front line of our operation, handling every single case of wine that enters the country, and assembling orders not only for direct delivery in our home markets of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, but for pickup by our distributors in 42 other states. Their accuracy, dedication to service, and knowledge of our complex inventory put them in a class of their own in the industry.

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