Introducing Artisan Glassware from Austria

Hand-Blown by Artisans

Rosenthal Wine Merchant is thrilled to partner with the artisans from MARKTHOMAS Austria to present hand-blown crystal glassware to the American market. Renowned amongst European wine professionals for the signature double bend, each MARKTHOMAS glass is hand-blown from lead-free crystal to offer an unparalleled tasting experience.

Partners in Excellence

Many who have joined us for tastings and events at our Brooklyn headquarters at 10 Grand will have enjoyed the experience of drinking out of MARKTHOMAS glasses first-hand. The MARKTHOMAS glassware line is now available and ready to ship from our New York warehouse. Please reach out to your representative or [email protected] for more information.

Insider’s Pick

“With glasses of this caliber, discussing the differences between manufacturers can sometimes feel like splitting hairs; after all, they’re all pretty great, and I’m always happy when a restaurant has glassware from one of the elites of the genre. However, in terms of feeling in the hand, overall balance, aromatic precision, and delivery of wine into mouth, MARKTHOMAS is at the very top of each category, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.” – CB

“The two articulations in the bowl sit at precise points. The lower bend is at 3oz, and the upper bend at 6oz. (Each glass being handmade, there is some amount of variation, but it’s minimal). This is very functional for a BTG pour, or when trying to pour a particularly special bottle for a large group. I love using the stems. They are superb.” – TR