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Foreau’s Peerless Vouvray Brut: Another Side of Chenin Blanc

From their enviable holdings in the tuffeau heart of the appellation, father and son Philippe and Vincent Foreau shepherd into bottle scintillating, kaleidoscopic wines which vibrate with mineral intensity, maintaining their haunting depth and laser-like precision even at triple-digit levels of residual sugar or in the presence of bubbles.

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While “greatest” can be a matter of personal preference, what sets apart Vignarionda is its utter distinctiveness; it is as different in character from its immediate Serralunga neighbors as it is from sites much further away. In that regard, it embodies the essential irreducibility of a true grand cru—a site with a force of personality that overwhelms other considerations and resoundingly affirms the mysteries of terroir.
Bagnol's duo of their flagship Cassis Blanc and the singular "Caganis" represents an apex expression of Mediterranean white wine, both wines displaying a combination of southerly generosity, textural complexity, and salty cut that places them well within the ranks of better-known peers in fancier appellations.
Brunello developed a reputation for richness and heft over the years, and while it is undoubtedly more substantial than its counterparts in Chianti and Montepulciano, traditional Brunello should still express the inherent freshness and lift of Sangiovese. Thankfully, La Torre's does so with aplomb, its character given added finesse due to La Sesta's poor soil and high altitude.
It is precisely Mosca's kind of detailed, soil-based approach which points to an ever-brighter future for this winegrowing region which is still clawing itself out from prolonged economic depression, and we are excited to offer such unique and well-rendered lenses into this terroir.
Gianluca produces sparkling wines which sizzle with life—electrifying, mineral-saturated bottlings that revel in their expressive power. They offer a palpable and exciting drinking experience fully at odds with mainstream Lambrusco’s conservative simplicity; for us, tasting them was like encountering the truth of the region for the first time.
Danilo Thomain vineyard
With his two hectares in production—one of which he cleared and planted himself several years ago—Danilo stands as the only independent bottler of wine in this zone whose viticultural records date back to the 13th century.
Those who have tasted great Chinato know of its shocking complexity, and there are simply none better than Cappellano's.
Although he is now fully retired, we still have a few Joseph-made vintages to look forward to, including a forthcoming batch of new arrivals.
Through our many years of partnership, we have advocated incessantly for broader recognition of the greatness of Chateau Simone. Super-famous in their homeland and gracing the list of seemingly every good restaurant in France, Simone for many years was something of an underground phenomenon in the US, known to some cognoscenti but virtually unrecognized by the larger wine-drinking public.