A Brand New Wine from Giampiero Bea

It’s Not a White, Not Quite a Red; It’s “Cotidie” 

A new wine from the legendary Giampiero Bea is always a cause for celebration. “Cotidie” (“quotidian” in Latin) was conceived as an “everyday” wine, at least for its relatively easygoing and drinkable spirit (with only 1,647 bottles produced, its likelihood to be an actual daily drinker is exceedingly small). The methodology behind it feels outré today but would have been common practice for the ancients to whom its Latin name pays tribute: a co-fermentation of both red and white grapes—in this case, Sagrantino and Trebbiano—grown in close proximity to one another, and yielding a lip-smacking wine that’s hard to pigeonhole. In its vibrant ruby color, it sits in the interzone between a dark rosato and a light red, and it offers the heady spice we all love in Bea’s Sagrantino, albeit on a softer, lighter frame. It’s a thrill to see such a well-established maestro as Giampiero continuing to experiment and to push boundaries, and we look forward to introducing “Cotidie” to Bea’s legion of fans in the very near future. 

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