Bramaterra’s Rising Star: Andrea Mosca of NOAH

Andrea Mosca and his family chat with Neal at their home in Brusnengo.

Since his first-ever harvest in 2011, former architect Andrea Mosca has achieved quick and profound fluency in his newly chosen craft, and today he produces among the most spectacularly expressive wines in the Alto Piemonte. A native of the area, Andrea acquired three hectares of vines around the village of Brusnengo, in the heart of the Bramaterra appellation, christening his project NOAH after his firstborn son. From the outset, we were delighted by Andrea’s honest and traditional approach, and he has achieved ever greater nuance in his wines over the ensuing years.

Bramaterra’s hard, red volcanic porphyry yields wines of penetrating minerality, sizzling acidity, and incredible, almost saline tension. These are lean and chiseled wines, even within the context of northern Piedmont Nebbiolo, and Andrea employs a staunchly traditional cellar regimen which allows this unique terroir to be voiced with clarity: vinification in enormous open-top Slavonian casks, and aging for 18 months in large, well-used Slavonian barrels of varying capacities.

As Andrea gained familiarity with his land, he noticed how distinctly his two sectors of Bramaterra expressed themselves each vintage, and he decided to bottle them separately beginning in 2018. It is precisely this kind of detailed, soil-based approach which points to an ever-brighter future for this winegrowing region which is still clawing itself out from prolonged economic depression, and we are excited to offer such unique and well-rendered lenses into this terroir.

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