14 February 2015

Rosenthal Wine Merchant and Tenute Sella announce their collaboration for the US market.

Rosenthal Wine Merchant continues to expand its activity in the Alto Piemonte sector of Italy with the important addition to its portfolio of the wines of the celebrated and ancient Tenute Sella estate. Since 1671 the Sella family has engaged in the production of wine from its vineyards on the hillsides of Lessona and the neighboring seven communes that compose the Bramaterra appellation.

Neal Rosenthal, having experienced early in his career the subtle grandeur of the Sella wines produced in the 1970s and early 1980s alongside other ethereal bottlings like the 1961 Ghemme from the Cantina Sociale and various offerings from that same period produced by the Conte Rivetti under the old Monsecco mark, longed for years to assemble a group of top-notch estates in the Alto Piemonte.  As a result of intense research and fortunate encounters, he has now cobbled together a formidable stable of producers in this majestic but unheralded zone: the Rovellotti brothers in Ghemme, the Zanetta family in Sizzano working under the revived name of “Monsecco”, Massimo and Concetta Clerico in Lessona, the Conti sisters in Boca; and, now, the renowned Sella estate becomes part of this family of dedicated wine producers, each with a long history with deep roots in this region that is the birthplace of the most noble of wines in the shadow of Monte Rosa.

Tenute Sella produces wines from the appellations of Lessona, Bramaterra and Costa della Sesia. The inital wines to arrive on the US market this spring as part of the new collaboration between Sella and Rosenthal will be the Bramaterra 2010 and two vintages (2008 and 2009) of the special Bramaterra cuvée known as “I Porfidi”. Since Sella and Rosenthal share an obsession with exploring and defining the terroir of this zone, we will first highlight the wines of Bramaterra, a denomination barely known both in Italy and the USA; later in 2015, we will expand the offerings to include the various bottlings from the Lessona district, including the Lessona, the Lessona “San Sebastiano Allo Zoppo” and the Lessona “Omaggio a Quintino Sella”. The fascinating diversity of the wines from these two neighboring zones will be made manifest by the exquisite purity to be found in the full range of the Sella offerings – the strength of Bramaterra drawn from the red volcanic rock (porphyry) and the elegance of Lessona sourced from the sand-infused soils formed from ancient marine deposits.

The Sella wines will be featured at a private, by invitation only, tasting hosted by Rosenthal Wine Merchant at the private dining room of The Modern, 9 West 53rd Street, on May 13th.

Marco Rizzetti, managing partner of Tenute Sella will be in attendance.