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Loire Valley


Cellar-worthy Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc

Located downriver and to the west of the Central Loire, these zones encompass a variety of singular terroirs devoted primarily to Chenin Blanc, which achieves unparalleled complexity and longevity here, and Cabernet Franc, the best examples of which easily rival the greatest of Bordeaux. Savennières’ schist produces astonishingly mineral-driven, structured Chenin, whereas the distinctive porous tuffeau limestone of Vouvray and Montlouis results in Chenin of haunting aromatics and incredible finesse. The pure-Cabernet-Franc wines of Chinon (on the Loire’s southern banks), Bourgueil (on its northern banks), and Saumur-Champigny constitute some of the most striking values in our portfolio—wines that can shock with their age-ability and the way they transform over time.

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