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Sherry and The World Beyond Fruit

While the RWM portfolio is broad in scope and resistant to pigeonholing, it is safe to say that we have never gravitated toward fruit-dominated wines. Rather, we seek out and cherish wines which evoke the full spectrum of Earth’s flavors—soil, rocks, salt, vegetation, animal life—and present those flavors on sound frames of acidity and structure. In this sense, the traditional wines of Andalucía—with their penetrating salinity, their wildly complex notes of flor and oxidation, and their bold, assertive acidity—feel like home.

Furthermore, we have always relished the unique pleasures of wines that undergo long aging, whether through extended stints in cask or patient cellaring in bottle (or both). So many wines today are consumed in their extreme youth, the roar of their primary fruit drowning out the softer but more resonant murmuring that emerges only with age; Sherry, by contrast, derives a large part of its distinct character through extended aging, with the fractional blending of the solera system allowing for staggeringly old vintages to live on and to be represented in each successive saca (extraction from cask for bottling).


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