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Burgundy and its intricate mosaic of vineyards and families offers the most profound exploration of terroir in the world.

When I first set foot on the sacred terra forma of Burgundy 38 years ago and tasted my first drops of Clos de la Roche and Corton Charlemagne, my joy was only matched by the awe I felt in the presence of these formidable terroirs and the growers who tended them. Both emotions still surface as I continue my visits over the years but each is magnified now as I have peeled back the layers of this terrain and its neighboring regions. The secret pleasures to be found in the Alpine passes on the descent to Burgundy, the beauty of the rolling hills of Beaujolais and the mysteries of the Jura, as well as the sophistication and charm of the cities of Geneva and Lyon form a package of delights that will thrill the most jaded of travelers. Come and share the wonders I have experienced…you will be much the better for the journey.